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Providing Quality Compassionate Breastfeeding Support to the CENTRAL COAST.

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Welcome to Coast Lactation, where you can access quality expert breastfeeding support and guidance. Here at Coast we acknowledge the uniqueness of each breastfeeding journey and provide individualized care to empower families to achieve their goals.

We know that motherhood and breastfeeding can be challenging. With so much information and advice in the community it is difficult to interpret what is best for you and baby. With many years of experience in working with breastfeeding families we can provide strategies and support to promote successful breastfeeding and a positive experience for the whole family.


Our philosophy is not to tell families what to do but to provide quality information, education and support to instill confidence and enable parents to discover their innate connection with their baby’s.


All consultations are individualized to the unique needs of the client

Lactation services include;

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Positioning & Attachment issues

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Blocked ducts, mastitis, thrush

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Sore and damaged nipples

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Raynauds syndrome, Vasospasm of the nipple

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Assessment of oral function, dysfunction

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Breast refusal

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Tongue tie -Suck Assessment

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Previous breast surgery

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Delayed lactation/low supply or over supply

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Weaning and

re-lactation advice


Antenatal appointments can be a proactive way to achieve breastfeeding success whether that be to unpack a previous traumatic experience, breastfeeding education or antenatal expressing education Information is empowering and with ongoing support can promote a positive breastfeeding experience and postnatal period.

Postnatal appointments can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. In many cases one appointment and follow up phone call / text can enhance a breastfeeding journey to a more positive and enjoyable experience It takes a village to raise a child.


Make Coast Lactation part of your Village!

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My baby is breastfeeding so well and seems so much more content. Thank you so much for your help. You have no idea how much you’ve helped our whole family.


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Breastfeeding and bringing a baby home can be challenging and all consuming for not only the new Mum and baby but for the family as a whole.

The amount of information out there can be overwhelming and confusing. We provides strategies and solutions to assist families to find and follow their innate intuition about their baby.


We provide support so you can put the books down and follow your baby’s lead with confidence.


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